Pool & Spa Services

We pride ourselves on being competitive on price without impeding on quality.

Protecting Your Investment


The backyard should be a place of happiness and an area to get away from the stresses of life. The last thing a homeowner needs to worry about is the pool, especially while paying for a company to keep it clean and safe.  We provide free estimates and can even offer same day service. No matter the problem, we have encountered it and are capable of providing a solution.

Consistently Crisp and Clear, Week After Week

Total Quality Service

Chemical Balance

Proper chemical balance needs to be maintained to ensure longer equipment life, avoid eye and skin irritation, extended plaster life, sanitation and clear water.

Backwash Filter

Stylish Pools totall service includes backwashes and full filter cleanings throughout the year as needed.

Brush & Skim Surface

A regular maintenance plan package includes brushing walls and steps, skimming debris off the water surface, checking and adjusting chemicals.

Clean Tile Line

Stylish Pools maintenance plan includes the thorough cleaning and inspecting of the tile line of your pool or spa.


Vacuuming of the pool and spa is included to remove all debri from the water assuring a clean and safe swimming environment.

Equipment Inspection

Swimming pools inspections differ from one home to another. Clients have different needs depending on the design, age, and condition of the pool being inspected. Stylish Pool’s team are licensed to evaluate all the pool features and give you advice on what to restore, replace, or construct.

Algae Elimination

At Stylish Pools, we the experts in green to clean pool cleaning. We’ll first test your pool condition to provide you with the most reliable method to bring it back to clean.  Once we repair any equipment issues, the pool is soon ready for your enjoyment.

If your pool, fountain, or spa is green with envy of other pools,

call (239) 285-7626 for a professional evaluation.

Leak Detection

You paid a lot of money for your pool, spa or fountain, and a leak is an unnecessary expense you shouldn’t have to deal with. At Stylish Pools, we thoroughly inspect pools, spas, and fountains for leak. After your test, you can feel comfortable knowing you have a clean pool/fountain/spa that is free of leaks.

If you believe your pool, fountain, or spa has sprung a leak,
call (239) 285-7626 for a professional evaluation.

Additional Services

Wireless remote controls

Stylish Pools give you many ways to manage every essential pool, spa, and backyard function. Allow you to manage your pool via the Internet from anywhere. Make it easier to access your pool from your smart device, and streamlines platform use to make settings easier to change and diagnostics easier to read.

Salt System Conversion









Stylish Pools offers many Salt System Conversion options. When your pump runs, you will be producing chlorine, ensuring a steady dose into your pool water. The more consistent your chlorine levels are in your pool, the fewer chemicals you will use overall. Free yourself and your pool guests from the itchy, dry feeling of regular chlorine. With a salt water chlorine generator, the water feels smooth and won’t leave a white residue on your skin.

LED Color Lights










Enhance your pool experience with lighting by creating a back yard ambiance that is uniquely you. Modify your environment to suit your tastes and mood, creating a paradise that extends far beyond your pool. Tantalize your senses, sight, sound and touch.

Pump, Heater, Filter Repair or Replacement











From fixing a simple leak to a complete replumbing job, Stylish Pools is your repair and installation expert. Our courteous service technicians are professionally trained and your satisfaction is guaranteed every time. If you request that we send a service professional out to see you, it will be a qualified Stylish Pool’s employee. We offer many options to fit your exact needs from heater, pump, filter or any other equipment required to keep your pool running smoothly.

Acid Washing

Perhaps you moved in to a house with a swimming pool that has been neglected, or maybe you have noticed that your pool’s finish has changed color over time and now it looks yellowish. In many cases an acid wash can take care of these pool stains. It can be an inexpensive alternative to replacing the finish of the whole swimming pool.

Automatic Cleaners












The Dorado suction-side cleaner delivers simple, powerful cleaning you can see and feel. Its unique, Bristle-Drive™ Technology combines with oversized vacuum inlet to scrub and devour tough dirt and debris from your pool’s floor and walls, providing complete, trouble-free cleaning. The cleaner’s 15-inch-wide bristle scrubbers cover more of your pool in a single pass for fast cleaning. And Dorado’s SmartTrac™ Programmed Steering easily navigates around pool obstacles for uninterrupted vacuuming of large and small debris.

  • Bristle scrubbers dislodge tough dirt from pool surfaces
  • Oversized vacuum inlet devours small and large debris with ease
  • Cleans faster with 15-inch-wide cleaning path Uninterrupted cleaning with SmartTrac™ Programmed Steering