Pool & Spa Construction

We pride ourselves on being competitive on price without impeding on quality.

Step 1: Layout & Design

Let us help create your perfect outdoor oasis. The prospect of putting in a new pool or spa can be overwhelming at first but our designers will help walk you through the designing process and all the options available thoroughly to create your new paradise.

To help get you started on this exciting process we’ve broken down some of the more important aspects to begin considering so that you fully understand the options available to you and what best fits your family’s individual lifestyle.

Step 2: The Dig & Steel Installation

This excavation is an exciting time for the kids as well as the adults. Everyone loves big machinery, and you will be able to watch your backyard take the shape of your new swimming pool right before your eyes. Our craftspeople make it look easy, but it takes a lot of time and experience along with a lot of hard work to gain the knowledge and ability to do what they do. The steel installations is a process of various techniques that are required to bending and forming the steel to the shape of your new swimming pool.

Step 3: Plumbing, Electrical & Shotcrete

Plumbing is one of the more important steps in installing a swimming pool. The plumbing is what maintains the circulation system. The features that you have chosen for your pool can be the determining factor in how complicated the plumbing job can be. The hired plumber will be the person that installs the circulation and the main drain system, as well as the skimmer. The next three days of the pool-building process, is the pressurized concrete that is placed and sculpted according to your individual design. Our craftsman are skill in handling the heavy equipment that it takes to gather the concrete and then shape your pool, spa, and even the steps to your pool.

Step 4: Tile, Decking & Interior Finish

The tile setter is a design artist that is responsible for the beauty surrounding the pool area. Tiles are utilized, at your request, to decorate the parameter, depending upon the design and square-footage of your chosen design. The interior finish is the concrete coating that is applied to the floor and walls of the swimming pool. The water is put into the pool immediately after the plastering process.


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